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Bizsmart recognised itself as the Best Training Institute with Placement giving Short term Job Oriented Courses providing Vmware Training Institute in Bangalore. Our Vmware Training Consultants or Trainers are bestly qualified and Experienced to impart best-quality Vmware Training across Bangalore. Bizsmart is recognised a pioneer in the field of IT/Non-IT Training in Bangalore. We are mainly focused on revolutionizing learning by making it interesting and motivating. we impart a range of career oriented trainings for different segments like students, job seekers, and professionals. Our team of qualified experts has designed our Vmware Training course content and syllabus based on current requirements from the industry. This enables them to be an Industry-Ready Professional, capable of handling majority of the real-world cases. Bizsmart also offer tailor made Vmware Training trainings for Corporates. Our Vmware Training in Bangalore is scheduled basically at a time that best suits you, we offer regular training classes (day time classes), weekend training classes, and fast track training classes. Our Vmware Training course fee is reasonable and tailor-made based on training requirement. Our team will make you confident & comfortable in cracking interviews. We also impart online training through which you can access our tutorial Anywhere, Anytime which is effective and cost-effective. We impart a adaptable interactive environment with dynamic content, e-Learning that not only effectively keeps people up-to-date, but interested as well.  Its a One Stop Shop for all IT and Non IT Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore.Join Now and Avail all the BenefitsEnd to End solutions TrainingTraining in both the academic and corporate worldProvide one-to-one assistanceProvide 100% Placements Support in reputed MNC CompaniesRigorous interview preparation sessions and Resume PreparationsExcellent classroom and administration facilitiesFlexible Training classes- Day time classes, Weekend training classes, Evening batch classes and Fast track training classes.Economical Fees Structures availableNotes: Both in Hard Copies and in Soft Copies are impartd.For more information and to schedule a free Demo on Vmware Training, contact Bizsmart @ +91 9632407095

Vmware Training Course Content
1. VMware

Virtualization, virtual machines, and vSphere components

Server, network, and storage virtualization concepts

Where vSphere fits into the cloud architecture

Install and use vSphere user interfaces

2. Virtual Machines

Virtual machines, virtual machine hardware, and virtual
machine files

Deploy a single virtual machine and virtual machine

3. VMware vCenter

vCenter Server and database requirements

vCenter Server architecture

Deploy a vCenter Server appliance

View and create vCenter Server inventory objects

4. Configure and
Manage Virtual Networks

Create and manage a standard virtual switch

Modify standard virtual switch properties

5. Configure and
Manage vSphere Storage

Configure ESXi with iSCSI, NFS, and Fibre Channel storage

Create and manage vSphere datastores

Configure, deploy, and manage the VMware Virtual Storage

6. Virtual Machine

Deploy virtual machines using templates, cloning, and VMware
vCenter Converter™

Modify and manage virtual machines

Create and manage virtual machine snapshots

Perform VMware vMotion® and Storage vMotion migrations

7. Access and
Authentication Control

Control user access through roles and permissions

Configure and manage the ESXi firewall

Integrate ESXi with Active Directory

vShield Zones

8. Resource
Management and Monitoring

Control virtual machine access to CPU, memory, and I/O

VMkernel methods for optimizing CPU and memory usage

Monitor resource usage using vCenter Server performance
graphs and alarms

9. Data Protection

Strategies for backing up ESXi hosts

Backup/recovery APIs

Strategies for backing up virtual machines

10. High Availability
and Fault Tolerance

Configure and manage a VMware High Availability (HA) cluster

Configure fault-tolerant virtual machines using VMware Fault

11. Scalability

Configure and manage a VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler
(DRS) cluster

Configure Enhanced vMotion Compatibility

Using VMware HA and DRS together

12. Patch Management

Manage ESXi patching and patch compliance using vCenter
Update Manager

13. Installing VMware
vSphere 5 Components

ESXi Installable installation

vCenter Server installation

Additional vCenter Server module installation


Lab 1: Install VMware
vSphere Graphical User Interfaces

Access your student desktop system

Install the vSphere Client

Install the Web Client (Server)

Lab 2: Configuring
VMware ESXi

Connect to an ESXi host with the VMware vSphere Client

View host hardware configuration

Configure DNS and routing information for an ESXi host

Configure the ESXi host as an NTP client

Lab 3: Working with
Virtual Machines

Create a virtual machine

Install a guest operating system in a virtual machine

Identify a virtual machine’s disk format and usage

Install VMware Tools into a virtual machine installed with a
Windows operating system

Enable time synchronization between a virtual machine and an
ESXi host

Copy programs from CD to your virtual machine

Lab 4: Configure
VMware vCenter Server Appliance

Configure the vCenter Server appliance with a web browser

Configure vCenter Server appliance to use directory services

Register VMware vSphere Web Client with vCenter Server

Connect to the vCenter Server appliance with the vSphere

Lab 5: Using VMware
vCenter Server

Create a vCenter Server inventory datacenter object

Create vCenter Server inventory folder objects

Add your ESXi host to the vCenter Server inventory

Manage vSphere license keys

Lab 6: Standard
Virtual Switches

View the current standard virtual switch configuration

Create a standard virtual switch with a virtual machine port

Attach your virtual machine to the ProdVMs port group

Lab 7: Accessing IP

Add a VMkernel port group to a standard virtual switch

Configure the iSCSI software adapter

Configure access to NFS datastores

View iSCSI and NFS storage information

Lab 8: Managing
VMware vSphere VMFSL

Review your shared storage configuration

Change the name of a VMFS datastore

Create a VMFS datastores

Expand a VMFS datastore to consume unused space on a LUN

Remove a VMFS datastore

Extend a VMFS datastore

Lab 9: Using
Templates and Clones

Create a template

Copy Sysprep files to the vCenter Server appliance

Create customization specifications

Deploy a virtual machine from a template

Clone a virtual machine that is powered on

Lab 10: Modifying a
Virtual Machine

Increase the size of a VMDK file

Adjust memory allocation on a virtual machine

Rename a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory

Add a raw LUN to a virtual machine and verify that the guest
operating system can see it

Expand a thin-provisioned virtual disk

Lab 11: Migrating
Virtual Machines

Create a virtual switch and VMkernel port group for vMotion

Verify that your ESXi host meets vMotion requirements

Verify that your virtual machines meet vMotion requirements

Perform a vMotion migration of a virtual machine

Migrate virtual machine files with Storage vMotion

Lab 12: Managing
Virtual Machines

Unregister a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory

Register a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory

Unregister and delete virtual machines from disk

Take snapshots of a virtual machine

Revert to a snapshot

Delete an individual snapshot

Using the Delete All function in Snapshot Manager

Lab 13: Access

Configure an ESXi host to use directory services

Use Active Directory accounts to verify proper access to
your ESXi host

Create a custom role in vCenter Server appliance

Assign permissions on vCenter Server inventory objects

Verify permission usability

Lab 14: Resource

Create CPU contention

Create a resource pool named Fin-Test

Create a resource pool named Fin-Prod

Verify resource pool functionality

Lab 15: Monitoring
Virtual Machine Performance

Use vCenter Server to monitor CPU utilization

Undo changes made to your virtual machines

Lab 16: Using Alarms

Create a virtual machine alarm that monitors for a condition

Create a virtual machine alarm that monitors for an event

Trigger virtual machine alarms and acknowledge them

Disable virtual machine alarms

Lab 17: Using vSphere
High Availability

Create a cluster enabled for vSphere HA

Add your ESXi host to a cluster

Test vSphere HA functionality

Prepare for the next lab

Lab 18: vSphere
Distributed Resource Scheduler

Create a DRS cluster

Verify proper DRS cluster functionality

Create, test, and disable affinity rules

Create, test, and disable anti-affinity rules

Create, test, and disable virtual machine to host affinity

Lab 19: VMware
vCenter Update Manager

Install Update Manager

Install the Update Manager plug-in in the vSphere Client

Modify cluster settings

Configure Update Manager

Create a patch baseline

Attach a baseline and scan for updates

Stage patches onto ESXi hosts

Remediate ESXi hosts

Lab 20: Installing VMware
vCenter Server

Access your vCenter Server system

Configure a SQL Server ODBC connection to a remote database

Install vCenter Server

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Vmware Training Duration in Bangalore
Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)

Duration : 30 Days

Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Duration : 8 Weeks

Fast Track Training Program( 5+ Hours Daily)

Duration : Within 10 days

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Our Vmware Training Trainers in our Bizsmart

Has more than 8 Years of Experience.
Has worked on 3 realtime Vmware Training projects
Is Working in a MNC company in Bangalore
Already trained 60+ Students so far.
Has strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

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