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MEANING:  In simple word Human Resource is the apple of the eye of any organization because for a good team of working professionals it is must.

KEY FACTORS OF HR: Includes recruiting people, training them, motivating employees as well as work place communication, work place safety, etc. They also see HR staff as supporting managers, not regular employees.




Human resource management is a new version of personnel management. There are many differences like personnel management is a traditional approach while HRM is a modern approach which includes people and their strength.




This is major responsibility for the HR team. The manager comes with a plan and hires the right person in the team. The manager decides the best criteria which are best suited for the job description. Their other tasks related to staffing include formulating the obligation of an employee and the scope of tasks assigned to him or her. Based on these factors, the contracts of the employee are prepared.



HR work is to organize people in doing their work and giving them suggestion that can help them to bring about improvement in it. HR team communicates with the staff members individually and provides them necessary information regarding their work.




This is the main aspect of Human Resource Management system as they check the work done by every individual in an organization by that work atmosphere at the work place. When the condition is good working it is well beneficial that the employees can expect from the Human Resource Team.



In organization, there are many disputes may arise between the employees and employers. In this type of situation Human Resource Team becomes the mediator and tries to solve all this problems in very effective manner. They firstly hear the issue from the employee. Then they try to take a suitable solution for sort out all the issues.



This is the main responsibility of HRM they have to do it in good level. For that they even organize business meeting, seminars and many other various conferences to build up good connection in other business sectors. In this when an association is set up without arrangement it may leads to many regular issues in muscular manner.


HR department is critical for the employees-oriented, creative workplace in which employees are thrilled and occupied.



(i) To provide, create, utilize and inspire employees to accomplish managerial goals.

(ii) To secure addition of individual and groups in securing organizational success.

(iii) To create opportunities, to provide facilities, necessary incentive to individual and group for their growth with the growth of the organization by training and development, return etc.

(iv) To employ the skills and ability of the personnel efficiently, i.e., to utilize human resources effectively.

(v) To increase to the fullest the employee’s job satisfaction and self-actualization; it tries to prompt and motivate every employee to realize his prospective.

(vi) To make a sense and feeling of belongingness unity and support suggestions from employees.

(vii) To help maintain moral policies and performance inside and outside the association.

(viii) To maintain high moral and good human relation within the association.

(ix) To manage change to the mutual advantage of individuals, groups, the association and the society.

(x) To make sure that, there is no threat of job loss, inequalities, adopting a policy recognizing merit and employee payment, and condition for stability of employment.

Importance of Human Resource Management:

Human resources are the expensive goods of the corporate bodies. They are their power. To face the new challenges on the fronts of information, technology and change trends in global market need useful human resource management. Meaning of HRM can be seen in three contexts: organizational, social and trained.

Organization Significance

Contributes to the achievements:

This includes effective utilization of available human resources, securing willing cooperation of employees through motivation, participation, grievance handling, etc.

Social Significance


This factor lies in the need of satisfaction of the staff in the society. Society is major beneficial for the good human resource practice.

  1. Employment opportunities increase.
  2. Eliminating waste of human resources through protection of physical and mental health.

iii. Scare talents are put to top use. Companies that pay and treat people well always competition ahead of others and deliver outstanding results.

Professional Significance


This significance lies in the developing people and providing healthy environment.

This can be done in various ways like:

  1. Developing people in continue basis.
  2. Team-spirit among employees.
  3. Providing environment and incentives.
  4. Offering excellent growth opportunities.


The importance of HR is easily overlooked in the busy day-to-day in the workplace, but without contributions in each of these areas, the organization would be less successful.














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